New Faction Concept: SAR112

A secret organization operating in the shadows.
Their military power is unknown because they have never shown themselves to the world.
They have eyes and ears everywhere, even in the UAF and KLG, from private soldiers to generals.
They’ve been pulling the strings the whole time and still no one’s noticed.

A bit of Backstory:
Officially, SAR112 doesn’t exist.
It was a private U.S. government army specializing in high-level black ops.
Originally it was born as a spy army to control the ongoing conflicts, wait for them to finish and then clean up everything and if it happened to take over what was left.
Over the years, their war power increased more and more until they reached the breaking point, detaching themselves from America and becoming completely autonomous.

Faction Members:

Curse - New Hero Concept: Curse - Corrupted Warrior

Valentine - New Hero Concept: Valentine - Doctor Gone Crazy

Connor - New Concept Hero: Connor - Electromagnetic Jammer

Sakura - New Hero Concept: Sakura - Ninja.exe

Andromeda - New Hero Concept: Andromeda - Astronomically Awesome

Kaito - New Hero Concept: Kaito - Samurai of the thousand swords

Maestro - New Hero Concept: Maestro - General In Command

Butcher - New Hero Concept: Butcher - Megalomaniac Torturer

Predator - New Hero Concept: Predator - Solo-Bomb Berserker

Mortar - New Hero Concept: Mortar - Long Range Mortarist

Medusa - New Hero Concept: Medusa - Rock Witch

Lazerus - New Hero Concept: Lazerus - Big Laser Guy

Shrank - New Hero Concept: Shrank - No Man's Robot

Their power doesn’t stop at heroes or spy drones alone.
They also managed to build their own War Machine.

Land Destroyer - New Alleance Boss Event Concept: The Land Destroyer

Other Notes

I finally posted it, compared to S.W.A.T. I wanted to post it at the end for fear that I would forget it and I would have to create thousands of posts before completing it.
and I’ll do the same with future ones.
I created this faction on July 31, 2019. (Happy Birthday to all who have a birthday on that date)

this is the star list for heroes and their positions on the list:

:three:: :star::
Medusa - Top Tier
Curse - Mid Tier
Andromeda - Mid Tier
Butcher - Mid Tier
Connor - Low Tier

Maestro - Top Tier

Sakura - Top Tier
Kaito - Mid Tier
Lazerus - Mid Tier
Valentine - Low Tier
Mortar - Low Tier

Predator - Top Tier

Yes I like to fantasize that one day they will be in the game AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.


nice on how you put this all in together!

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And the supreme Leader of SAR112 is none other then “XUSMARINEX” as he emerges from the shadows with LvL 100 Ruby level!!!


Nothing came from nothing.
Put a heart and i’ll make you the Leader

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Wow! You’ve put so much work into this! I’m amazed! (I’m 50% done with my own faction, and this one makes mine look weak.) :wink:

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I think the game for most got a bit boring, in regards of heros. I’ve been thinking they need a new faction. New hero’s. I know the hype is exciting when that 1 hero is released because a lot of people have most hero’s. This would give us something to work on. Something new and fresh. It’ll even increase revenue for the game because who wouldn’t buy gold to unlock some?

I feel some players are bored or not challenged at the higher levels. Maxed out most, have most. I kinda am bored I have all but 3 personally. But I do have a lot I can improve. Like 2 of the 3 I need only gilded coins and the other is serial.

I’ve been thinking of suggesting a faction too. It can even create a new PVP map, themed as well. I really like your concept and a lot of your hero’s are cool. Probably even have stuff the Devs didn’t think of putting as a skill with a hero. Hopefully they do consider this faction. :slight_smile:

There should be a trusted hero from every other faction. They lurk in the shadows, but have all the information. They are the maestro,of all the other factions (except those related to Kurtz and UAF, even though they have moles in all). Playing a shell game, so no one really knows who is pulling what strings. Would make for an interesting twist to the story.

As alway CptLappo, I enjoy reading your work.

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As a collaborator do you need to clarify that this is a concept only :thinking:

It’s pretty obvious that its a concept, if it was official Muninn, Nikon or Skathi would already post it

Yeah but now you have the flashy new title haha, gotta be careful otherwise people start believing what you say :joy: happens more than you think

That is a very good question.

I would like to ask a question. You guys put so much time and effort into this…why? HH cant use it and it will never amount to anything. Just seems like a waste of time. Once again pls dont take offense. I’m just curious why people spend so much time on things like this lol. I hope this didnt sound rude

Creative enjoyment I think it comes down to honestly

Someone in game thought this was real. They said even SKATHI leaked it 2 weeks ago. I told him he is wrong and I highly doubt SKATHI leaked anything lol he still believes he is right lmao

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