New Hero Concept: Cyneweard - The Hired Guard

New Hero Concept: Cyneweard - The Hired Guard (5 Star Hero)

Element: Biochem
Faction: Mercenaries
Position: Midline

HP: 4/5
Armor: 5/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 3/5

Personal gain is all I fight for. As far as I’m concerned, if you can live to fight another day … then you’re doing just fine.


ArtStation - Planetside Arena - Class armour, Ranulf Busby | Doku | Futuristic armour, Armor concept, Power armor

Image found at

Weapon: Big Bad Brutis

commissioned modual assault rifle concept art by torvenius on DeviantArt
Image found at commissioned modual assault rifle concept art by torvenius on DeviantArt

Shooting Rate: 6 rounds per second
Ammunition Capacity: 36
Recharge Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage: Medium

Bronze Ability: Armor Depletion

  • Cyneweard drains 70% of the targeted enemies armor, and transfers it to himself. This effect lasts 10 seconds.

  • The targeted enemy is also marked for 10 seconds.

Silver Ability: Heronium Exposure

  • Cyneweard increases his armor consistently for the next 15 seconds.

  • Heronium Exposure also decreases his reload speed by 30% for the duration of the effect.

Gold Ability: Compensation

  • For every x armor Cyneweard gains, he increases all shields gained by any allied hero by 5%.

  • 1% for every 10 levels.

Platinum Ability: Heronium Infused Plating

  • For every x damage dealt to Cyneweard, he gains 1% extra armor.

Ruby Ability: Tanked Up

  • A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This gains x Elemental Armor bonus and deals an additional x Damage to cover.

The Logos for each ability were found on this website

The Ruby Ability is a screenshot from the actual game.


The skills from bronze to plat make him over powered
Buh nice concept tho


And the name is hard to pronounce :blush:


Nice concept. The invincibility is handled well.

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Yes, I was worried about that. :sweat_smile: I made adjustments to his Bronze, Silver, and Platinum abilities. Hopefully these additions make him less overpowered, and more balanced as a whole.

First concept I’ve seen in a while. Well done!!

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