New hero concept: Dancer

Dancer is a unique hero who may cause controversy because his bronze and silver skills require playing two simple “mini games” to execute, which may be difficult to implement:

Faction: mechanical
Position: frontline

Bronze, Dance of Torrent: Dancer taunts the opponent team. you press fire as fast as possible, as Dancer spins around, charging an attack. The faster you press it the more powerful this is. As you do this, you have a chance to evade attacks proportional to how fast you press (up to 30%). After three seconds, he releases a shot at an enemy with damage proportional to how fast you pressed.

Silver, Dance of Spotlight: random enemy heroes are highlighted gold one by one, you have to fire five shots successfully without missing. Then, the next hero you shoot will be shot with a critical hit, also dealing elemental damage and stunning them. If you fail, you merely improve basic weapon damage by a little.

Gold, Dance of Distraction: whenever Dancer lands a critical hit (including his silver skill) he disorients the opponent and reduces their armor for 3 seconds

Platinum, Dance of Victory: while this team outnumbers the opponent team, Dancer deals extra basic damage and recovers health

If the AI controls Dancer they will probably just imitate a mediocre pace for bronze

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