New Hero Concept: Dan - Saturday night fever

Element: Energy

Hp 1/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Disco music is like a raw material, a fabric whose textures are made of sound waves.
Many people think that he hit his head, maybe they’re right, but his skills will turn the head of anyone trying to challenge him


Bronze: Disco Fever - forces the enemy used by the enemy player to dance with him, blocking him and preventing his use for 12 seconds.

  • When the enemy player changes character, the hero automatically changes target leaving the old target stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Changing the target does not reset the duration of the skill.
  • During the action of the skill both characters remain uncovered.

Silver: Dance Dance Dance - starts dancing and draws fire to itself, while the skill is active, avoids 80% of incoming weapon damage and 10% of skill damage.

  • When a critical shot is taken, the skill stops and recovers the total damage of the critical shot.

Gold: Never Ending Fun - while Disco fever is active if an enemy gets too close to the target, he too is hit by the skill.

  • When the target is changed, the other enemy is stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Platinum: Music Lover - after 10 seconds that the hero is dead, randomly all enemies will begin to dance, the hero has a 30% chance of resurrecting.

  • Each enemy who dances increases the probability of resurrection by 10%.

Appearance: is a Latin American boy of about 24 years old, very thin, with long curly hair, a slight beard and a goatee.
He wears a white dress, a black V-shaped open shirt, white trousers and white shoes.

something like this.

His Weapon: The DoubleTap Finger Gun or DT-FG is a special glove that transforms motor energy into energy bullets.
is a semi-automatic gun, shoots as fast as you quickly pull the trigger, is not very powerful, but is accurate.

shooting rate: as fast as you can
ammunition capacity: 8
recharge time: 1 second
damage: medium

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This is actually interesting
The shooting mechanic will be interesting as well, shooting as fast as u you can tap sounds great since I am a tap god :sunglasses:
His disco skills sound great for disabling enemies, but I think he should have some sort of heal of he’s going to taunt enemies, because we’ve all seen how baron dies without heals

Great concept, love it haha!

If he says “Do you know who I am!?” during battle, my life will be complete.