New Hero Concept: Invictus - Vengeful Demolisher

Element: Mech
Faction: UAFA
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

Justice is a weak word for weak people…
I want to tell you a story
There was a weak and poor man, mocked and maltreated by everyone;
War broke out and took away what little he had left;
When he woke up, the man found himself at the gates of hell and when he asked why he was there, he was told that he was not there as a punished… no … he was the punisher.

Demolisher - Disruptor - Long Lasting Skills - Armor Piercer

  • A soldier of fortune more machine than man.
    He hates Wesson to death, but his contracts prevent him from killing him.
  • He was indirectly involved in a Heronium explosion, the radiation he absorbed developed an untreatable flesh-eating cancer that is slowly killing him.
  • He has no faith in mankind and is driven by a sense of vengeance against it, but especially against those who have stood in his way too many times.

Bronze: Demolish Armor - completely destroys the target’s armor by firing a special non-lethal projectile.

  • The target will stay without armor for 3sec, after which it will remain at half until death.

Silver: Sheet Metal Shredder - Launch 3 sticky sensory mines at the three nearest covers.
Exploding mines will heavily damage cover and cause X elemental damage to the enemy and additional damage equal to the enemy’s armor at the time.

  • Mines will remain in place until an enemy passes by.
  • If cover attached to a mine is destroyed, the mine will be deactivated.

Gold: Termites - the last bullet in each magazine possesses a charge of [Termites].
This projectile burns the target, damaging it and slowly consuming its armor.

  • The [Termites] projectiles cause 50% less damage.
  • If [Demolish Armor] or [Sheet Metal Shredder] and [Termites] are activated together, the target will be prevented from receiving health and will take extra damage equal to the armor received.
  • [Termites] will persist until the target’s armor is consumed.

Platinum: Jugg - when receiving armor points from allies, also recovers health.
if already at max, gains extra health.

Ruby: Supported

Bio & Appearance
Invictus is a rancorous man with extreme and violent ways, he is also very intelligent and coldly calculating.
He doesn’t care who is around him unless they are bothering him.
His cybernetic body and nanomachines have empowered him greatly, but the cancer continues its course, albeit very slowly and painfully.

He is an elderly man of medium height; he has grayish skin, hollowed-out eyes with two scars similar to Caine’s tattoos, and long whitish hair.
He has a breathing mask that covers half his face from his chin to the top of his nose.
He wears mostly black tactical battle clothes, the hooded jacket that covers his head, pants, boots, and gloves.

His Weapon: Trek 10B
is an experimental bullpup assault rifle.
It fires bursts of 10 bullets with an extremely high rate and good accuracy.
It has a lot of ammo and a fast reload, but it has a low damage.

Class: Assault Rifle
Shooting Rate: 23.10 0.5 secs between each bursts
Ammunition Capacity: 50
Damage: Low

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