New Hero Concept: Falco - Antimatter Sniper


I mean, we’ve got one against the barriers, a robot against the shields, now we’ve got to have one against the armor.
It’s Mathematical

Element: Energy
Faction: UAF

You have all my respect, bro.
back line - support - anti armor
a new recruit from the UAF, fresh out of the training ground for sharpshooters.
His powerful rifle allows him to eliminate even lightly armored vehicles.


Bronze: Back Splits - shoot a powerful shot that unloads the weapon and completely ignores the enemy armor

  • the bullet is fast, but can be avoided if you change position
  • the more bullets there are in the magazine, the more powerful is the shot.

Silver: Magnetic Dart - shoot a special dart that sticks to the target and cancels the armor for 4 seconds

  • Dart does not cause damage

Gold: All Planned - predicts the moves of the enemy and increases its speed of movement.

  • Each time an enemy activates a skill, the hero increases his movement speed for 4 seconds.
  • When the hero dodges an attack, he recovers XX of health

Platinum: AP - The hero’s weapon causes extra damage based on the amount of armor in the enemy’s possession.

  • Shoot the enemy covered by the cover, halving the damage.

Appearance - Is a young boy, tall and thin.
Has short black hair with blonde tips
Has simple clothing, light white tank top, protective gloves, camouflage pants, black boots, a necklace with dog tag and a pair of protective caps.

His weapon: Tac 50 “Red Dragon”.
is a bolt action sniper rifle very accurate, but slow to shoot and with few bullets.

Shooting rate: 0.80
Damage: Medium
Charging speed: 3.1
Ammunition capacity: 4


I like the gold skill, really unique and might potentially be useful

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