New hero concept: Golem

I just realized that all the heroes can be stunned. It might be debatable but I feel at least one hero should feel like an unstoppable force of menace.

Faction: mechanical
Bronze, stone skin: golem becomes unstunnable and cannot be knocked back for 10 seconds, granting himself a shield
Silver, rock solid slam: gives himself immense armor and readies himself for a powerful elemental attack
Gold, unkillable: the first time he would be killed he is not, and remains invulnerable for 10 seconds, healing himself for some amount
Platinum: force of nature, whenever an opponent is stunned this hero gains bonus basic weapon damage for a limited time

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I think a hero that continually remains cleansed of skills as an ability is a good idea!

I think a Platinum or gold skill that makes a character immune to knockback, stagger, and stun would be cool. It’d be even better if that character had a bronze or silver channeling ability (it could be damage, heal, or disrupt). Just remember though, any skill has to have a number in it somewhere to make the skill scale-able with level.

You know what would also be cool, is a skill that makes someone actually invulnerable for a short time, instead of merely invisible or shielded.