7 star hero idea

Steadfast (Committed Specialist)

(7 stars, KLG Irregulars, 203 starting power at Hero level 1)

Description: A Specialized KLG Soldier. Using his own knowledge on his allies, he can grant them several bonuses that can increase their offensive and defensive power, while weakening enemies to engage them in a one-on-one fight until either is defeated.

(Bronze skill)

Disruptive Ammunition

Once activated, all heroes will deal and additional 305 Mech damage and have a 75% to stagger enemies and a 25% to stun the target for 2 seconds and deal an additional 50 Mech damage every second for 3 seconds

(Silver skill)


Challenges the target to a duel, making them unable to damage any other hero besides this hero and vice versa. For the time the ability is active, this hero gains 386 Mech damage and 46 Mech armor. The targeted hero is inflicted with Heal Block and Disorient until the skill ends. Both the target and this hero are silenced during this period.The skill ends once either dies.

(Gold Skill)

Defensive Mindset

Whenever an ally gains a shield from any source, they will be healed for 5% of the shield’s total health and will gain 23 Mech armor until the shield is destroyed. If the shield is not destroyed within 15 seconds, the shield will be destroyed and the hero that had the shield will be gifted the health left of the shield in bonus health. The bonus health lasts for 10 seconds

(Platinum Skill)

Offensive Momentum

Once an enemy is killed, the hero that has killed them will gain 3% of their max health as bonus health and gain 68 Mech damage. If another enemy is killed before the effect has worn off, the effect will refresh. The boosts last for 4 seconds.

(Ruby Skill)

Knowing is half the battle, allowing this hero’s skills to start 49% charged. This hero also gains a 167 Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to evade basic attacks.

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