New Hero Concept

I don’t know what to name this hero but here’s what should Happen with it, it is a stone monster it, In the preview of the hero when your looking at it it is a lightning bolt of engery but then it sucks up items near it, like earth, stone, water etc
It has a force field/shield
It absorbs damage of all sorts for a few seconds and also can create a wave of electricity causing damage to the team/enemys the heros team is facing
The hero can shoot faster and get stronger (but not too strong) every win it gets
The hero will have a 10% chance to get gear and twice as much gold as you do when u get a normal win


How about Tmolus? In Greek Mythology, he was one of the nine offspring of Gaea. He was personified as a living mountain. I’ll let you study up on the nuances of the myth.