New Hero Concept: Jekyll - Inner Monster

Element: Bio
Faction: Mercenaries
Position: Frontline

Hp 1/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 5/5


it was an oddly hot autumn evening, Dr. Joaquin Fox was working on a hair regrowth serum with his assistant.
The man was a very serious, precise and meticulous guy… his assistant wasn’t.
They spent the entire evening experimenting with laboratory rats.
The good 90% of the time the experiment was successful, the rats survived and had a hairstyle to make Brad Pitt envious… while the remaining 10% either exploded or became indefinable masses of meat like Akira.
At nightfall, the doctor left his assistant to close the laboratory, nothing strange, he had already done it before but this time the boy forgot to close the flasks with serum and during the whole night a mold formed that modified the substance.
The next day the doctor, for some reason, wanted to experiment on himself.
He took the flask, drank two drops and… nothing happened.
The doctor thought that on humans the growth process was a bit longer but suddenly he felt like a fire boiling inside him, he was all red, sweaty, his body started to get bigger, muscles pumped to the maximum and his voice lowered to the level of Mario Biondi.
When everything stopped, he looked at himself in the mirror and saw a huge monster of smoking muscles and pumping veins… then he looked at his head… he really had hair to envy Brad Pitt.
He declared to success but never gave the formula to anyone.

Heavy support - risk-gain skills - fast skills charge - difficult to control

  • A not exactly crazy doctor who can turn into a giant body builder scalp.
  • His “monster” side is anything but controllable and wrapped can lose control by attacking his allies.
  • Does not require skill to be used at best, but it takes a lot of patience

Bronze: Transformation - the hero transforms himself into a giant body builder getting a massive boost to health and armor and boosting the base damage by X%.

  • [Transformation] has 3 charges that can be used separately and will be recharged individually after each use.
  • Each transformation lasts 8sec.
  • If [Transformation] is activated two or three times in a row, the hero can lose control by attacking an ally, an enemy or dying from an overdose.
  • the hero loses any boost obtained from the skill or given by an ally when he returns to normal.

Silver: Scalp - the hero throws a vial at the allied or enemy target.
Whoever is hit will grow a beautiful hair and has a 50% chance of getting a big boost to health and armor or turning into a muscle block that prevents any action.

  • the effects last 12sec.

Gold: Smash - Sometimes when he transforms, the hero can perform a melee attack that causes equal damage to the health and armor obtained from the boost removing the [transformation] charge.

Platinum: Muscle Training - after the first use of [transformation], the hero will constantly get small boosts that will enhance his damage, maximum health, armor and speed of movement every sec until the end of the game.

  • Further uses of [Transformation] will boost all boosts by X%.
  • Critical hits can reset all boosts obtained.

Ruby: Tanked Up

Appearance: is a short, bald, chubby, middle-aged man.
He wears simple scientist clothes, jacket, sweater, pants, shoes and a belt where he keeps the serum vials.
When transformed he is a very tall, super muscular body builder with long, flowing hair.
the clothes are always the same, they are made of a super elastic alloy that resists any stress.

His Weapon: Serological Gun / BIG ROCKS
is a special pistol with medium rate of fire, very fast reload but has very low base damage.
When transformed, the hero replaces the gun with his own hands by throwing big rocks at the target with a very high base damage, but very low rate and accuracy.

Class: Pistol
Shooting rate : 4.07
ammunition capacity : 12
recharge time : 0.83 sec
damage : Very Low

Class: Special
Shooting rate : 0.80
ammunition capacity : :infinity:
damage : Very High


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