New Hero Concept: Jester - Mess Up the Enemies

Element: Biochem
Position: Midline

Hp 1/5
Armor 1/5
Damage 2/5
Skill 5/5

oooh… what are those sad faces?
oow don’t be sad anymore, now mama jeje will cheer you up, eheheh.
Support/Controller - Glass Armor/Cannon
Playful lunatic, messes up enemies by making them play a myriad of pranks and playing with their stats

Bronze: Teasing - play with the statistics of all the heroes in the field by lowering and raising them.
Plus it gives random bonuses to allies and random malus to enemies.

  • The skill remains active for 10-20sec.

Silver: No Happy No Party - stuns all enemies for 1sec, then forces them to laugh by stunning them and draining their skill energy
Enemies that are not stunned by the skill suffer slowdown, disorientation and a chance to be stunned later randomly even when the skill has finished its effect.

  • The skill remains active for 5-10sec.

Gold: Friendship Exchange - automatically exchanges enemy bonuses for allied maluses.

  • Maluses and bonuses are traded fairly 1x1
  • the exchange takes place every 12sec.

Platinum: Jolly - when she dies, the hero enters a state of stasis and gives all allies time bonuses.
When the bonus runs out of time, the hero has a 50% chance to resurrect with half the energy.

  • If the hero is resurrected, the other bonuses give a small amount of energy to the hero when they run out.

she’s a short, skinny girl with pale skin and colorful hair.
She wears a theatrical mask, a two-pointed hat and very colorful clothes.

something like this

Her Weapons: Sandy and Samantha are two small PDW with a high rate, a lot of ammunition and very precise, but the damage is very low

shooting rate : 9.90
ammunition capacity : 60 (30 per gun)
recharge time : 1.60 seconds
damage : Very Low

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