Hero idea #7, Plexus

Name: ‘Plexus’ - Microbot Controller

“A cunning controller of small robots, weakening herself to bolster her allies”

Faction: UAF Airborne
Element: Energy
Weapon Type: Special
Position: Midline
Roles: Support

Health: 3/5
Armor: 4/5
Damage: 1/5

Weapon Statistics: ‘Nexus Panel & Machine Pistol’
Rate of Fire: 10 shots per second
Magazine Size: N/A
Reload Speed: N/A
Critical Chance: 1%

This hero commands an array of microbots, having a total of forty, replacing where an ammo count would be. Damage dealt by this hero’s basic attacks are determined by (Base Damage x Inactive Microbots). As a result, this hero has a very low base damage. If all microbots are inactive, her damage output is at its maximum, and vice versa; if all microbots are active, she can deal no damage via basic attacks. Despite this, she has no magazine size nor reload rate.


Bronze: ‘Function.Amplify’

  • Deploys up to twenty-four microbots evenly to all allied heroes. Allies deal an additional X attack damage and recover X health per second for each microbot affecting them. The microbots last ten seconds and then deplete over time and return to this hero one by one.

Silver: ‘Function.Swarm’

  • Scatters all inactive microbots into the battlefield, causing all enemies to take X Energy damage per second, per microbot for seven seconds.

Gold: ‘Data Transfer’

  • Whenever the last microbot on an ally expires, it copies any other beneficial effects they had to this hero and heals this hero for X health.

Platinum: ‘Integrated Circuits’

  • For every inactive microbot, this hero gains X bonus health and X armor. Additionally, when this hero dies, any active microbot effects become permanent.

Ruby: ‘Supported’

Bonus Lore: The cybernetic half of her face runs Windows XP


Love the complexity of the character’s abilities and how the damage works with the micro bots. Say, could she make cookie bots like from Despicable Me?


I didn’t think about that, but I suppose so. Cookie disco dance parties all the way!

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