New Hero Concept: Sentinel - Praetorian Assault Mecha

Element: Mech
Faction: UAF Airbone
Position: Firstline

Hp 4/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

Don’t be a hero and stay behind me.
Tank - heavy support - controller - first line defender
With a suit of armor so thick that it makes a tank jealous, this big guy stands in front of the enemy lines and draws all the fire on himself.

Bronze: Ironpecker - activates the turret on the shoulder that automatically attacks enemies giving suppression fire.

  • The turret only causes elemental damage.
  • The turret attacks all enemies, giving priority to those who attack the hero.
  • remains active for 25 sec.

Silver: Multi Plasma Mortar - Shoot 5 mortar saves towards the enemy field following an Arc Trajectory and then explode in large areas.

  • The grenades are slow and easy to dodge, but cause a lot of damage and destroy the shields.
  • The enemies affected suffer disorientation and a 50% reduction in energy skills.

Gold: Adaptive Bullets - Hero and turret bullets get special powers and cause bonus damage based on the role of the target.

  • [Doctors] The bullets consume the energy of the skills and ignore the armour by 25%.
  • [Tanks] Bullets reduce armor and destroy shields.
  • [Attackers] Bullets disorient the target and constantly obstruct it.

Platinum: Essential support - strengthens itself according to the conditions of the team.

  • When an ally drops below 50% health, the hero increases the damage, gets a shield and draws fire on himself for 15sec or until the ally has recovered health [cannot be activated on more than one ally at a time].
  • When an enemy activates a skill, the hero reduces the damage, but increases the elemental and normal armor attracting on himself the fire of the skill.

Appearance: is a black man in his 40s, wearing an armored and heavily armed old generation exoskeleton.

His Weapons:
Primary - DPMG (dual plasma machine gun) is a pair of machine guns placed on the arms.

shooting rate : 5.50
ammunition capacity : 80
recharge time : 3.2 seconds
damage : Medium
Secondary - a small turret similar to a minigun on the right shoulder and a mortar on the back.


I’ve thought about the idea of giving an allied hero a shoulder turret, something which can deal damage and set up a shield (similar to castellan’s turrets). That would be sweet.