New Hero Concept: Qbek - Bulk Loader

10 :star: Patrol Crate Hero Concept

Element: Astral image
Faction: Rengers Rangers
Position: Frontline

Hp 5/5
Armor 5/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

We’ve forgot to put a voice modulator so all it does are cool train noises, but other than that it works perfectly

Brawler - Disruptor

  • A steel behemoth initially designed to lift and transport huge weights of up to 15 tonnes.
  • It can work steadily for weeks at a time without stopping, it just has a small problem with overheating and has to be bled every 12 hours or it makes a big bang. a quite big. about 1.5 acres.
  • Apart from the engine problems, thanks to the reprogramming of the Rangers engineers, it is now also able to lift the entire battlefield with all the enemies inside.

12 O’Clock
It launches itself into a run, running over and crushing all enemies in its path causing damage on the way up and return.
If covers are present, the damage will be reduced by 10% and will reduce this hero armor by 20%

Heats up the Engine
The hero heats up the engine by generating boiling jets of steam, boosting the attack, [12 O’Clock] damage and gaining stagger immunity

  • While running the steam jets will cause extra image damage to enemies further away, but the counter effects of [12 O’Clock] will be doubled.

Heavy vapours
The vapours generated by [Heating the engine] thickens in the air*, generating a fine mist that reduces the visibility of the field and increases humidity.

  • In indoor maps, the heat mixed with the humidity will increase the temperature causing image damage over time to all enemies with a 5% chance per second of exploding weapon ammunition.

Train Whistle
For every 20% health lost, the hero generates a powerful whistle with the ability to disorient and silence or stun all enemies for 3sec.

Rail Founder
Before executing [12 O’Clock], the hero crushes his foot on the ground generating a shockwave that destroys everything in its path building a reilway that reduce the escape routes of all enemies inside

is a large compact robot with a vague resemblance to a train.
Although very large, it is also light and powerful enough to lift or pull three times its weight.

It’s Weapon: Rail Cannons
on the upper parts of both forearms are two heavy pistols.
They fire in unison and reload immediately afterwards.

Class: Pistols
Fire Rate: 2.00
Ammunition capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 1 sec
Damage: Low

all icons are taken from around the forum and


Nice. Quite nice.
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