New Hero Concept: Jawbreaker - It's gonna hurt

Mechanical Hero
Faction: I don’t know where to put him.

Hp 4/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 3/5

Support - Wrecker
Old robot equipped with a huge spiked ball, capable of demolishing enemy covers and supporting the team with its howitzer

Bronze: Demolition Ball - Shoots his big spiked ball towards the target, demolishing the cover and landing enemy (actually crushes them against the wall)

Silver: 105mm Howitzer - turns the main weapon into an howitzer and fires a large caliber grenade that explodes demolishing all covers in a large area.

  • Enemies outside the cover are disoriented.

Gold: Self-Repairs - if is stationary for 3 seconds starts to regenerate a small amount of health over time.
if it moves or suffers a critical hit, the healing process stops for a short time.

Platinum: Iron Monster - each time he suffers damage, he obtains a charge of Iron Monster by increasing his armour by 5% up to 10 time.

  • Suffering a critical hit will discharge all charges.

Appearance: it’s an old, rusty robot (based on my drawing, I don’t know what to write)

is armed with a 3-barreled minigun (average rate of fire, medium damage, low reload), a demolishing ball (bronze skill) and a 105mm howitzer (silver skill; long reload but high damage).

A bit of Backstory: XJ0331 or Jawbreaker, is an old demolition robot that has been in disuse in an old dump for several years.
Was found by Brogan while exploring the landfill in search of something useful.
He refurbished it and now acts as his bodyguard and amulant safe

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