New Hero Concept: Ratchet - Intergalactic Gladiator

Element: Mechanic

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damege 3/5
Skills 4/5

locked and loaded, baby
A mysterious gladiator who likes to fight against enemies stronger than him.


Bronze: Bogo - fires a devastating grenade that explodes several times causing enormous damage in a confined area.

  • The grenade explodes 5 times.
  • Each explosion ignores 5% of the armor, causing more and more damage.

Silver: Hypernova - fires several rocket-signals that position themselves on the heads of enemies, recalling the orbital attack of the laser cannon.

  • The laser leaves craters full of incandescent energy after the passage, which damages the passing enemies.

Gold: Repair Bot - at the beginning of the game, the hero throws a small bot that will circle around the field supporting the team by healing them or providing personal shields.

  • The drone is too fast to hit while on the move.
  • The drone will stop near the neediest ally, but at that point it will be vulnerable.
  • the drone will never reappear after destruction.

Platinum: Gladiator - strengthens his stats based on the total power of the enemy team.

  • The stronger the opponents are, the more damage he causes.

Appareance: he’s a mysterious guy of short stature and thin, he wears a light armor that covers him all over

His weapons “Double Raptor” a pair of small PDWs with very high rate and reload at the speed of light, but lack precision and damage.

shooting rate: exaggerated
ammunition capacity: 24 (12 per gun)
recharge time: light speed
damage: Low

note: the orbital attack I mean is not like Oracle’s (that’s orbital artillery).
What I say is a huge laser beam that hits the enemy by englobing it and damaging it for the whole time of the passage.

as you can see in the image:
1- the rocket-signal is positioned on the head of the enemy indicating its position.
2- the enormous laser beam arrives (the laser beam is bigger than it looks)
3- the enemy no longer exists

I love the drawings!

I don’t know how to make those king of drawings but I’d like to have a hero king Russel crow from the gladiator movie or Akilis (Brad Pitt) from the Troy movie. An old fashion warrior. Or this on the photo is the Albanian king. The best of all times for us.

The first thing that went into my mind reading the hero’s name, the overpowered arsenal, and the “Repair Bot” skill.

I mean, there’s also a point in time where he literally joined a gladiator competition.


was forced to participate*
and yes, the whole character is inspired on him.
Ratchet is my idol and favorite character of the videogame world, for me no one can beats him.