New Hero Concept: Mbare Turi - Master Artificier

Element: Mechanical
Faction: People’s Guard
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

L’omu di mala cuscenza, comu opira a cussi’ penza.

Blind but explosive support - Quick skill reload
An expert in the art of coloured explosions, he has worked his way through everything and his mixtures are the best known.
He supports the team with his homemade rockets.
The only problem is that he’s half-blind and sometimes the rockets miss their targets or don’t explode at all.

Bronze: Bombetta - fires a rocket hitting a random area of the enemy camp.
The rocket will explode in a large area and cause a lot of damage, but there is a 50% chance that the rocket will not explode immediately.

  • If the rocket lands but does not explode, you have 2sec to move to another zone.

Silver: Dancing Fires - place a small mortar on the ground and after 3sce, will fire a series of rockets that will hit various areas of the enemy camp.
some rockets may not explode.

  • When a rocket hits an enemy, [Dancing Fires] recharges by 10%.

Gold: Unstable Recipe - 50% of fired rockets can explode in mid-air causing extra damage and malus such as stun, disorientation or blinding for 2sec, plus a 20% chance of triggering a chain reaction with unexploded rockets.

Platinum: Master Craftsman - enhances the damage of his rockets and all those of the allies and sharing the effects of [Unstable Recipe] with them.

Appearance: is a 70-year-old Sicilian man, short and large, has a short, unshaven grey beard, a scar on his lip and is half-blind.
He wears a brown coppola, a whitish tank top, dark trousers, work shoes and he always has a cigar in his mouth (he doesn’t smoke but he uses it mainly to light fuses).
is constantly covered in soot.

if you can find an image that at least reflects that, you’ll be doing me a big favor.
I only find Viking dwarves

His Weapon: the “Two Mouths” is a small sawed-off shotgun with no stock.
It has enormous firepower and reloads very quickly, but accuracy is almost absent.
It’s like the old Chesterfield shotgun but it’s smaller and it shoots both cartridges at the same time.

shooting rate : 1
ammunition capacity : 2
recharge time : 0.8 sec
damage : High

Other Notes

Translated from Sicilian:
The man of little conscience, operates and acts like this

Did you know I’m Sicilian?


One of the best concept. there is no doubt :heart_eyes:

Nice, I like the idea of using rockets!

Would the gold decrease the amount of rockets which hit with the Bronze?

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With his Gold Ability, when / if his rockets explode mid-air, does it do any damage to the allied heroes? Besides that, I really like the idea of his rockets being unpredictable. :+1:t2: