New Hero Concept: Razorblade - Terraventian Hunter

New Hero Concept: Razorblade - Terraventian Hunter (5 Star Hero)

Element: Mechanical
Faction: The Flock
Position: Midline

HP: 4/5
Armor: 3/5
Damage: 4/5
Skills: 4/5

Thomas Rothman wasn’t always this way. He used to be a father, a husband. He used to be happy. But all that changed when they came. Their arrival only brought this world closer to disaster.

”They came… They killed my family… They burnt my home… They left me for dead…They destroyed my life…

…and now, I’m not gonna rest until every last one of em scumbags is outta my city. I don’t care if I haveta’ kill’ em all myself.”

Using his knowledge and expertise from the KLG training academy, as well as his engineering background with the Black Ops, Thomas joined the Flock, a group who specialized in protecting the city from the Terravetian threat, a threat which most to this day don’t believe to exist.


Weapon: The Punisher

Image found at Unreal Tournament

Shooting Rate: 7 rounds per second (burst)
Ammunition Capacity: 42
Recharge Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage: Med


Remote Charges

Bronze Ability - Active Ability

  • Throws 5 homing explosives at the enemy team, each exploding after a 2 second delay. If an enemy moves before the explosion, they will receive an extra x damage, as well as a 5% chance for the explosion to be critical.


SIlver Ability - Active Ability

  • Sends a wave across the battlefield, decloaking all hidden Terraventian enemies. If an enemy is decloaked, their maximum health is reduced to 60% of what it was at the start of the match. If an enemy was not decloaked, they are disoriented for 5 seconds.

Decloaking Stats:

  • Ronin and Kier decloak into Kaladin
  • Ryker and Everest decloak into Bern
  • Heckler decloaks into Barrage
  • Panzer and Spewage decloak into Voidwalk
  • Elite Rifleman decloaks into Jackal
  • Cross decloaks into Venom
  • Halo decloaks into Kiyoshi
  • Dogface decloaks into Gunsmoke
  • Operator decloaks into Elixir
  • Prophet decloaks into Warden
  • Clyde decloaks into Sand Ruby
  • Sentry and Hikari decloak into Spike
  • Mavin and Stygia decloak into Lady Black
  • Galante decloaks into Isabis
  • Keel decloaks into Barricade
  • Hardscope and Magnus decloak into Overgrow
  • Bolt decloaks into Snaps
  • Nightingale decloaks into Aura
  • Moss decloaks into Seeper
  • Odachi decloaks into Stratus
  • Ghoul decloaks into Boreal
  • Phoenix decloaks into Weeper
  • Pris decloaks into Rune
  • Sheshen decloaks into Hushen


Gold Ability - Passive Ability

  • If there are any Terraventian heroes on the enemy team, this hero gains x Damage boost and x Health per hero.

Counter Strike

Platinum Ability - Passive Ability

  • If Razorblade is damaged by a decloaked hero, he fires off a counter strike dealing x Damage.

  • This effect can trigger once every 2 seconds.


Ruby Ability - Passive Ability

  • At the start of the match, Razorblade deals x50% Damage for 5 seconds.

  • 5% extra damage for every 10 levels.

The Logos for each ability were found on this website

Thanks for reading this concept of mine. Any feedback is welcomed. What did you like? What didn’t you like?


Sikver skill gets me the most. The abilities are really unique. Adaptable and useful. The story also gets me good. If i’d be to rate it it would definitely be a fat 10

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nice concept, never seen before

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Thank you. The idea for the Silver Ability is what started this whole concept. Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


I very much did. It was way worth the hype!


Added Spewage to the list of heroes effected by Decloaking.


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