New hero idea? Let me know

Name: Necros
Element: Chem
Weapon: Smg 30 rounds, Scythe
A necromancer in training, he’s still got alot to learn.

Bronze Skill: Scythe Strike: Necros jumps on an enemy hero striking them with his scythe dealing damage causing the enemy to bleed for the next 3 seconds.

Silver Skill: Raise Minion: summon a undead version of a hero (The hero summoned has no element or bonuses of that hero 2 max) Deal bonus damage to bleeding targets.

Gold Skill: Sacrifice: All summoned heros explode dealing damage to all enemy heroes. Bonus on bleeding targets.

Platinum Skill: Puppet Master: All allied heroes and summons gain increased damage

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Some fun ideas in here. Biggest problem I see is that currently all Gold skills are passive so there’s no player operated “trigger”. Sacrifice sounds like something that would need to be activated.

I’d love a hero that is a hard-counter to invisible opponents. A gold skill like “Ghostly Aura” where if Necros is on your team all invisible heroes are outlined in a blue aura to increase visibility would be useful as a counter to the Mandrake meta we are currently in. The scaling could be in the form of bonus damage where Necros (or all allied heroes) gain extra attack against invisible targets. Higher the skill, the more damage that is dealt.

@FourFingers I think his proposed gold ability meant that they would explode upon death. Not triggered.

Nice idea :slight_smile:

The invis thing would be nice but I don’t think the AI would be able to detect it sadly. And yes they exploded on death

Anymore tips? Would love to hear from everyone

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