New Hero Concept: Scott- The AI Sniper Guardian

Ok this is my first new hero concept. Forgive me if I miss on something especially on the story. I haven’t finished the campaign yet.

Name: Scott

Element: Mech
Faction: Patriots
Position: Rearline

Quote: “Targeted and firing.”

Role: Shielder - Sniper - Anti-Rearline


High Altitude Scope (Passive) - does extra mech damage to heroes at the rearline of the map

Shield Bits (Active) - Deploys drone-like shields to all allied heroes. Last until destroyed.

Shield Reflectors (Passive) - Shield Bits now reflects a percentage of damage

Shield Guns (Passive) - Shield Bits now fire when not defending

Looks like a mix of Anvil and has Yeager’s backpack where the shield bits are coming out

I made this hero because I noticed there are no mech heroes that can shield all allies unless using Brogan with another hero. Also as far as a I know, there are no heroes yet that are effective against rearlines.


Shield bits? HMMMMMMMMM, wouldn’t be an homage to cherudim, a one letter difference and a superb sniper… would it?

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