New Hero Concept: Soap - Colorful Bubbles

Element: Bio
Faction: Shoremans
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

Good morning, my potential and dear client.
I am Friz McFry from Soap & Co. and I am here to sell you our most popular products!
We have the largest catalog of soaps of any kind… Hm? no… I’m not telling you stink… no… don’t go… please… open the door please… it’s my job… they’ll fire me, I need this job… please… noooooooooo!

Stunner - light attacker - fast defender
A street vendor goes door-to-door with soap?
Peculiar, but effective.
Besides the camp, even the enemies are so clean that they cease to exist
For him the word “No” doesn’t exist

Bronze: Bubble Shield - gives allies a bubble shield that explodes immediately when a bullet hits it generating a loud noise that can stun or disorient enemies for 1sec.

  • the bubble remains active only for 5sec

Silver: Bubble Trap - Traps enemies in thicker bubbles that slow down every movement and cause slight but constant suffocation damage.
Shoot the enemy, blow the bubble causing moderate damage and stun the enemy for 2sec

Gold: Stunning Fun - release small bubbles of soap that will float through the enemy camp.
When an enemy touches them, they will burst, disorienting him for 2sec.

  • The hero has a 10% chance every second to release bubbles when he suffers damage.
  • The bubbles remain in the field for 9sec before vanish.

Platinum: Sparkling - sometimes, some bubbles blowing up can generate a mass explosion causing violent damage to enemies and stunning them for long periods of time between 4 and 8sec.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a man in his 40s.
tall, short, well-groomed hair, a mustache and very thin.
He wears door-to-door salesman’s clothes like you see in the movies.
A brown jacket, white shirt, brown pants, black shoes, a hat and a bow tie.
and he also has a briefcase and a pair of glasses

His Weapon: The SD Revolver It’s a small, very simple, white-handled revolver.
Is accurate, fast in rate and charging and has medium damage

shooting rate : 5.10
ammunition capacity : 5
recharge time : 1 sec
damage : medium


Basically he try to talk whit the cameraman, but he walks away and then Soap start to chase him


I accept fourth wall breaks


I like this one, I want a bumbling salesman for a hero, lol.


Man this concept looks so amazing, would even be very cool to use in the field

Very interesting… I must say very good job… interesting…