Win a May Update Hero (1 of 2)


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(Take your best guess at who and what this Hero does!)


Good luck to everyone !

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Thanks for the Contest devs :slight_smile:


A girl that lobs explosives, most likely grenades

Name = Bubbles

Description = A highschool wiz-kid majoring in biology and chemistry. Dropped out of MIT having gotten involved with Chemical weapons and some shady dealings online
Primary weapon = Heavy machine gun (fuelled by nuclear core)
Special weapon = Backpack full of Bubble Grenades
Bronze skill = ‘Bubble Trouble’ - lobs series of bubble grenades that ‘float’ with the wind toward the target homing in and thus becoming unavoidable.
Silver skill = ‘Time for a bath’ - Removes the nuclear core from machine gun, smashing it on floor and unleashing a wave of radiation toward the enemies within the targeted zone.
Gold skill = ‘Striptease’ – Passive skill whereby garments of clothing sporadically fall off Bubbles disorientating enemies and leaving them stunned.
Platinum skill = ‘Kiss of Death’ – all damage inflicted by primary weapon leaves a mark on opponent dealing xxx damage per second thereafter (can be over-ridden by gold healer)

Can I please win a hero for this? - same ingame name…


I think the ghoul sister

I think those things on her back look kind of like some sort of jet-pack…so I guess she flys somehow? :slight_smile:

Its Scums sister. You are welcome.

I thinks so about the sister

Genial espero que cuando la saquen poder tenerla :sweat_smile::joy::grin: