Sparks the Clown

Yeah, we need a clown character.

Mech or Bio?

His name i Sparks. He’s got a special kind of silly gun.

His skills:

BRONZE - Boom Boom!
Time for fireworks! Sparks sets of a ballistic missile that will explode on impact. Deals XXXXX damage to the target enemy and will shoot sparks at all other enemies. The sparks will come in different colours, each color has its own effect:
Green: the enemy is healblocked for 5 seconds
Blue: the enemy is disoriented for 10 seconds
Red: The enemy will take XXX damage for 5 seconds

SILVER - Bang!
Sparks will use a toy guy and take aim. When he fires, a little flag pops out. If the target is above 20% health, the target becomes stunned for 15 seconds. Should the target be below 20% it is instantly killed by this skill.
At skill level 70 it will instantly kill an enemy below 50% health.

GOLD - IDK. More sparks from the Bronze fireworks?

PLATINUM - Confetti!
Whenever Sparks is critically hit he just laughs it off, resisting 50% of the damage, and sprays venomous confetti on the target that will deal XXX damage for 5 seconds while the enemy is rooted.


Hahaha, I can picture him in a white clown suit with green stripes, green clown afro hair, green nose, and giant green clown shoes. Evilish looking face…
Bio-chem for sure.

Silver Skill is way to strong though… lol
My 10* Gammond has almost 500k HP.
You mean to tell me that this clown’s silver skill is going to do 250k damage?

Nice idea, that’d be cool to see :slight_smile:


Yeah, your Gammond is going down.

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GOLD - Want A Balloon?
Every 15 seconds, a balloon appears in a random location on the map (could either be on the friendly or enemy side).

If an allied hero picks it up, the balloon will randomly contain a health boost, shield, or damage boost, (or skill rejuvenation?)

If an enemy hero picks it up, the balloon will randomly contain a stun, a poison bomb, or an anti-heal spell…

And I think we have enough heroes that start with the letter ‘S’ … We need a ‘Q’ hero.

I vote for Quigley the Clown

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Of course, that’s a splendid Gold skill!
But don’t think this changes anything; your Gammond IS going down!

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