🏰 New Hero Concept - Sojourne: The Eagle-Eyed Armorer

“The best solution is often the simplest; the biggest weakness the most obvious. All you need is an eye for details. I guess that’s what I do best.”

Sojourne (Ella Olson) | 19 | Support Armorer – Opportunistic Exploiter – Hopeful Fighter | Mech

An outgoing, spunky craftswoman, Ella spent years of her life working on projects with her industrious family of 6, her being the youngest. Having a keen eye for detail, she could notice thinks that no one else noticed, recognizing potential hazards and weaknesses. It would prove to pay off.

Despite the hard circumstances Ella grew up in, the war brought many opportunities to apply her talents, working with her family to provide munitions and armor to the local allied militias fighting the war.

Her chosen profession would prove to be a consequential one, however. Late one evening, Ella’s family home was attacked in a KLG raid, the workshop blown to pieces and the house left in ruins. It would be weeks before she came to, her left eye permanently blinded. She also realized that her family was gone; it would be the last time she would ever see them.

Life changed for Ella that day. In the passing months, she would learn to live with her single eye, abandon her country home, join the Magistrates, and discover a personal interest in the man named Hardscope. Most of all, Ella (given the codename “Sojourne”) better understood that she both dreaded and hated the KLG for their actions.

Regardless, her bright optimism always shines, never backing down from a challenge or obstacle. Achieving peace is the ultimate goal; that’s something Sojourne can clearly see.


“Versatile field armorer, upgrades cover with defensive and offensive capabilities to protect her allies.”

Bronze - Reinforce – Throws a tactical armor grenade toward a targeted ally, randomly affecting 6 nearby units of cover for 7 seconds. Each unit of cover is repaired 10% of cover durability per second, reduces incoming damage by 50%, and increases any affected ally’s damage output by x damage per second.

Silver – Ensconce – Stabilizes all allies, boosting their defensive capabilities. All stationary heroes gain immunity to knockback, and gain x health per second for 8 seconds. Additionally, all allies recover 60% faster from stunning and disorientation.

Gold – Analytic Eye – This Hero gains a charge of [Analytic Eye] every 1 second standing out of cover. Each charge of [Analytic Eye] improves this Hero’s weapon damage by x attack damage, to a maximum of 5 charges.

Platinum – Defective Exploit – Each time a piece of enemy cover is destroyed, it has a 15% chance of dealing x damage in a medium range explosion, stunning all affected enemies for 2 seconds.

Miresa Combat Sensor
Weapon Type: Pistol
Rate of Fire: 3.82 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 8
Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
Damage: Slightly less than Pris’. Medium/High potential damage with gold ability, but low otherwise.


Hey everyone! I know there has been a LOT of hero concepts recently, but if you liked this one please drop a like and a comment! I think HH could use a hero who could make cover more useful, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it too. Thanks! :wink: (Shoutout to @trapstarisu for the silver skill suggestion)

icons: https://game-icons.net/


This is the next Caine people! My god, good damage plus excellent support? HH, git this in ur list of heroes! Tho seriously, this hero would buff heroes that rely on destroying cover (Baron, Keel, Cinder, etc.)


Thanks Spyro! The balancing factor would probably be how her skills are time-reliant. Also, she would make it harder for an enemy cover breaker to root out allies, so perhaps the bronze cooldown would take longer to charge, giving the opponent a chance.

The main idea is that she utilizes cover as her primary weapon, resisting attempts to expose allies.

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inb4 literally Overwatch just added a story character with this exact same name.

What?! I didn’t know about this. Since it’s just a name, I don’t think that hero will be released, as it was several years ago. Plus; making it clear that I posted an actual hero here first, lol.

All I needed to read. 10/10. You got my vote


I was trying to remember who had given that suggestion, thanks @trapstarisu for the inspiration!


I don’t see anyone in overwatch with the name Sojourne, you sure @Gruff_McTuff ?

Literally name dropped yesterday. Not likely to be a playable hero, but was mentioned through their twitter account for the next archives event

I think Sojourn is likely to be a boss or just a character in the lore like Maximillien

I do hope she doesn’t become an Overwatch hero, but there’s a lot of good names to use too.

Made some edits, would still love some feedback! Thanks! :wink: (4/25/19 - Added skill icons as well)

Tell me, why does the plat icon look like the Gorgon’s laser beam thingy icon?

Because that icon most closely matched what the skill was. I don’t know if they’re related.

I may switch to mine explosion, I’m not sure. (I actually changed it).

Theory: HH is using Game Icons.
Percentage of Accuracy: 15%

I knew it looked similar, but I didn’t know it was identical, lol.

Wow! Thanks for making Shiloh and Sojourne the highest viewed hero fan concepts on the forums! Lots of appreciation to y’all! :blush:

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