Hero Project (Blink- Backspace Shot)

Name: Alice Blink Enoch
Faction: Uaf Airborne
Class: Blue
Weapon: Dual Smg
Line: Frontline

Looking For Me? sure I got Blinked For You
Born in Texas, Marlowe Brother Who was Saved by her sister when she doesnt have Arm Right. since Klg has Attacked Her family, they Seperated, She know meet Each Other. For Now, She Will Teaching by Colonel Wesson to Trained her to be The bravest Woman Before Zero Day Occured

I got Inspiration Of Cinder Weapon But different Barrel, Medium, Stock Light And Easy Grip
Name: Eagle Remox
Type: Smg
Damage: 80
Ammo: 30
Accuracy: 50
mobility: 50

Bronze, Ur have been hacked: Not just like Min Silver Skills, But this hero can been hacked all enemy and silent all
Silver: Pulse Power: looks her chest it contains chip. Like Heckler Silver skills, this hero can self Healing and Increase Buff Weapon and Reslow Enemy
Gold, Running Scared: including Bronze skills plus Cloaked Silence, once shoot enemy, this hero cannot Reveal
Platinum: Brain Damage, same silver skills including bleeding, Silent skills and increase health for all Uaf Faction
Ruby, BackSpace: If Shot enemy, Enemy can hunted and renerf enemy skills and weapon
This Hero Combine Min,Heckler,Razorback,and Beck
Reference Website

I don’t know from where you are getting those pictures of heroes but, they all are koool

Thanks lazy I know must be reference website
To makes know them

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