New hero concept: Virsieras

Virsieras is an underdog who has been mistreated all his life. Being taken in by Kurtz, he is grateful to the man and has taught himself great skills and uses a cleverly designed parachute to compensate for his poor physicals. He looks like a relatively weak and incapable man with average height and build, with his hair usually covering one of his eyes. He makes his opponents underestimate him, then let’s his allies finish them off.

Faction: mechanical
Position: midline
Weapon: AK-47

Bronze, the Underdog’s Cry: He weakens an opponents attack by 20%, and lowers their cool down rate by 50%. Whenever he is hit, he regenerates low health per second.

Silver, Valiant Stand: Virsieras can only lose a max of 20% of his health while this skill is active (10 seconds). He gives the rest of the team a small amount of armor.

Gold, Parachute Landing: when the battle begins he slowly descends to the ground, invisible, high above the battleground. This takes five seconds and he has boosted weapon damage while this occurs. Aiming is harder than normal, however.

Platinum, Martyr Sacrifice: when he dies he gives all allies a temporary health boost and attack damage. If he is the last person left he gains permanent armor for the rest of the battle.

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