New Hero Concept : ‘Unknown’

New Hero Concept: ‘Unknown’- Mysterious Shielder


Element: mech
Faction: Victims of 0-Day (VoD)
Position: Midline
Role: He is the the shielder of VoD

HP 7.5 / 10
Armor 6.5 / 10
Damage Output 6.5 / 10
Skills 9 / 10
Support 9 / 10

My name? Unknown, my origin? unknown, the only thing you will know is to not mess with me or my team, what happens? But don’t worry, You will find out, you just won’t be able to retell it.

uses a mix of shielding and leeching to aid his team to the victory, the only thing we know about his past is that he has an insane hatred on the KLG and that he does not reveal what’s behind his mask.

He has insane strength, regeneration and durability due to his exposure to Heronium

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Leaches 90% of his current HP, which transforms into a shield

  • Shield automatically shields the ally that has the lowest percentage of HP
  • Slowly starts to regen 5% of his HP per second for 8 seconds
  • Shield lasts until destroyed
  • Shield switches every 8 seconds, if the shielded ally is still the lowest it still switches



Jumps at the targeted opponent, leeching a shield the amount of 20% of their max HP.

  • this shield merges with “Protector” if it is still active
  • If not active, create a normal shield


“Chosen One”

Whenever this hero has “Protector” and has has used “Lifesteal”on an opponent, they gain “Chosen One” this leeches 2.5% of the max HP of the opponent every second, this contributes to the shield


“Field Adaptation”

All healing is multiplied with 50% when this hero is below 50% hp, when this hero regenerates hp above 50% it will be contributed to “protector”

Cooldown times:
Bronze: 1.5% per shot, 1% per second
Silver : 22 second
Gold/platinum: none


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Rounds: 25
RoF: 7.5 rounds per second
Reload Time: 2.1 seconds
Damage: very low per shot, similar to Kobold

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask anything!

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