⚒ New Hero Concept: War Mole - Heavy Difensive Trench

Element: Icon_ElementMech
Faction: UAF Airborne
Position: Midline

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

Aah I still remember the good times in the barracks.
Ghost was the taciturn one, always serious, never smiled always grungy, crazy boring.
I was the rebel, always happy and vocal, I admit I was a pain in the arse if you didn’t know me well. wow. you have no idea eheh.
We were always getting into some kind of trouble, always fighting with the sergeant. Good man but stubborn as a mule.
Then we split up, he goes to the sniper course thing and me as a machine gunner, my heaven.
Not to take away from the other weapons, yeah sure a rocket launcher is nice… but a machine gun, man, the best weapons ever created. i love them.

Entrenched Support - Team Dispenser - Machine Gun Fanatic - Single Use Active Skills

  • One of the new recruits of the UAFA and already one of the main bastions in the defense, considered the best in her field even by the Elite.
  • She has an immense passion for machine guns of all kinds, she knows them in detail, every trick, she had hers built by the best UAF gunsmiths following her personal projects. She is also a good tricerist, if you have to build trenches or barricades, everyone is looking for her.
  • Together with Ghost, she single-handedly defended the old UAF base before it fell into Kurtz’s hands. It is said that she managed to eliminate more than 300 KLG soldiers with a 25 round magazine.

01_Bronze Sand Trench
builds a trench in her position.
The trench allows the hero to shoot from a more protected position, reducing the chance of being hit by enemy bullets by 40%.

  • [Sand Trench] is indestructible, but destroys the old cover and takes 3sec. to build up

02_Silver Stationary Machinegun
mounts the tripod and places the machine gun on the ground dramatically increasing the accuracy of the shot and obtaining infinite firepower.

  • [Stationary Machinegun] cannot be built outside of the trench.
  • Once mounted, the hero can still move to avoid attacks, but will remain without a weapon until she returns to his position.

03_Gold Ground Ammo
all allies constantly recover X health over time and reduce their weapon reload times by 10%.

  • When [Stationary Machinegun] is active, the range of [Ground Ammo] is reduced allowing only nearby allies to take advantage of the bonus.

04_Plat Larger Magazines
increases the ammo capacity of all allies as long as the hero is alive.
+30 for light machine guns; (start) +10 for assault and carbine; (50) +5 for pistols and marksmen; (75) +3 for specials, shotguns and snipers. (100)

  • Every 25 levels, a category is unlocked.
  • Heroes equipped with bows and crossbows have their recharge reduced by 2%.

Ruby: Tanked Up

is a short, stocky woman Scottish with slightly tan skin and long burgundy/brown hair with a braid on the left side.
She is wearing a light-colored desert camouflage jumpsuit with turned-up jacket sleeves, a light-brown bulletproof vest, long pants, and light-colored boots.
She wears a dark gray helmet with its visor up covering her head and black fingerless tactical gloves.

Her Weapon: Mini Lad
is the brainchild of Warmole, a big, old-fashioned-looking machine gun.
Characteristically it is a mixture of many weapons, the water tank contains a coolant mixture, a handle over in container to carry the weapon.
It has a medium/high rate, it is not very useful when not mounted since the huge recoil makes the weapon uncontrollable even shooting in bursts and in long distances it is horrible.
it has little ammunition, medium damage and very high reloading speed

Class: Light Machine Gun
Shooting Rate: 7.20
Ammunition Capacity: 25
Recharge Time: 0.9sec
Damage: Medium

as reference the main gun is a mix up of:
Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié, M1917 Browning, Perino Model 1908, Madsen, M60, Browning M2, DShK 1938 and a MG 42.

all icons are taken from around the forum


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