New Hero Concept: Mortar - Long Range Mortarist

Element: Mech
Faction: SAR112
Position: Rearline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 4/5

This little guy’s not just a mortar.
It’s a smooth-barreled, muzzle-loading, high-angle weapon used to support ground troops at close range.
The support consists of a bipod and a base plate, which is equipped with a screw-type lifting and traversing mechanism to lifting/versing the mortar…
Oh… I see you were falling asleep, well in this case… in layman’s terms… it does a lot of BOOM

Glass Everything - Fast and Precise Support - Large Attack Area - Coordinator - Coordinated Attacks - She’s very fond of his mortar
Heavy grenadier, supports the team with a bunch of small drones, a shotgun with armor-piercing ammunition and if all this were not enough she also has a small rapid fire mortar

Bronze: Potato Masher - place her mortar on the ground and fire in quick succession 5 mortar salvoes which, following an arched trajectory, explode on contact with the ground in a medium area.

  • The mortar replaces the primary weapon and its accuracy is determined by the speed of fire.

Silver: Volley Drone - she launches a small self-guided drone that will go around the enemy camp for 5 seconds signaling their position and after that it will lock on to a random one and crash into it exploding in a small area dealing X damage.

  • The signaled enemies will suffer 10% more damage.
  • If the mortar is already in place, the hero will launch 5 drones instead of 1.

Gold: Airburst - some mortar grenades and drones can explode in midair causing less damage but in a larger area and reducing the enemy’s armor by 20% until the end of the game.
[Airburst] has a 50% chance of causing disorientation and X damage over time for 0sec.

  • (every 10 levels the seconds increase by 1 point)

Platinum: Acquisition Designated Targets - The hero reloads faster [Potato Masher] when shooting at marked targets, while if the mortar is already placed, each enemy hit reloads the mortar by 1 shot.

Appearance: is a chubby but athletic black woman.
She wears a normal soldier’s uniform but upgraded by a proto-exoskeleton.


Her Weapon: The “Shoot Till Dead”, is a simple trench shotgun.
the only modifications are the narrow muzzle for a very small rose of bullets.
despite it’s a shotgun and the hero stays in the rearline, it’s very accurate, has a balanced damage and the rate of fire is quite high.
Its weak point are its low ammo and slow reloading.

shooting rate : 4.80
ammunition capacity : 5
recharge time : 2 sec (1 cartridge at time)
damage : Medium

The “Shoot Again Just In Case

shooting rate : Depends on the player
ammunition capacity : 5 (or infinite if you have a really good aim)
damage : Normal High - [Airburst] Lower but reduce the Armor

Rare Skin: “Grand Grandma’s Outfit


Cool concept, be nice to see a hero who could actually use their mortar without getting killed. (Yes yanlong, that last remark was directed at you)

I read this one as “Moist”, oof. That would be a unpleasant hero to meet, lol.

If anyone does remember. Ken Shiro was a great movie and a good hero to try and make in this game.

Thats a really cool concept, I love all the backstory and art for it, keep it up