New Hero Concepts: Master and Apprentice

Nothing special, I just forgot to post.
Extreme heroes were 3 in 1, and for three weeks I was at peace, but last week I forgot, so today I post 2 to catch up. Seems fair right?

Red Beard - Drill Sergeant

Element: Mech
Faction: UAF Naval Forces
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

Support - Buffer - “Soft” DPS

  • Tough but fair, Derek “Red Beard” Miles was a legendary soldier who in turn trained many other heroes.
  • In official ways, he is a colonel just like Wesson, but he prefers to continue being an instructor to train recruits on his own.
  • office work is not for him, in the war he was always on the front line beating a path for his squadron.

Bronze: Doom Bullets - replaces the weapon’s normal cartridges with demolition slugs.
Slugs cause less damage, but do heavy damage to cover and heavily armoured enemies.

  • Each slug can do X to X damage and reduce the target’s armour by the same amount of damage.

Silver: Recovery - the hero injects himself with a dose of adrenaline, gaining X health, recovering X over time and reducing the incoming damage by 65% for 4sec.

  • The injection can be used on an ally as long as he’s close enough to the hero.

Gold: Tactical Movement - the hero moves between covers faster by sliding or running according to distance.
Tactical move] will remain active as long as at least two covers are still standing.

  • Caution: moving too many times will cause fatigue resulting in a reduction in movement speed, reload and accuracy.

Platinum: Sergeant Instructor - increases the stat values of heroes on the field while still alive by 5%.

  • every 3 levels the percentage increases by 0.1%.

Ruby: Tanked Up

Appearance: is a tall, well-built man.
He is bald, but has a thick red beard.
He wears a black Tshirt, a bulletproof vest, American-style tactical military trousers and boots.
As accessories he has black fingerless gloves and a pair of black military glasses.

His Weapon: STS40
is a semi-automatic tactical shotgun.
with red dot sight, red laser sight and a vertical grip under the barrel.
It is a shotgun well balanced in damage, accuracy and reload speed, the rate of fire is very high and this can spread the rose too widely.

Class: shotgun
Shooting Rate: 7.98
Ammunition Capacity: 5
Damage: Medium

Recruit - Private

Element: Mech
Faction: UAF Naval Forces
Position: Midline

Hp 2/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 2/5
Skills 2/5

Helper - Support - Self Booster

  • one of the many simple recruits at UAF, UAFA and UAFNF.
  • She does what she has to, carries out orders, helps as much as she can.
  • Nothing special, but like any ‘war virgin’ she learns tactics, solves problems and constantly improves herself with the hope that one day she too will become a future heroine.

Bronze: Grenade - throws a grenade towards the target area.
The grenade will explode after a delay of 5sec causing medium damage to a medium area.

  • Attention: when the hero picks up the grenade, she automatically removes the safety and initializes the detonation timer.
    This way you can decide when to throw the grenade, but if you wait too long the grenade will explode and damage the hero.

Silver: Suppressed Targets - the hero gives suppression fire by shooting all enemies in front of her and forcing them to stay under cover.
Enemies out of cover that are hit will suffer disorientation and will be prevented from activating their abilities.

  • Suppression fire lasts 4sec.

Gold: Training Targets - every added level increases maximum health and armour of the hero by 1%.
every 5 levels, increases reload speed and weapon accuracy by 0.5%.
every 10 levels, increases the chance to dodge incoming damage by 0.2%.

Platinum: Take example - take examples from the strongest allies in your team by taking their strengths and adding them to your own.

  • Example:
    Recruit has 1000 armour and 500 damage.
  • The team has Cast 5000 armour and Serial 4500 damage.*
  • Recruit will add those points to his own by increasing and gaining 6000 armour and 5000 damage.*
  • Warning: Recruit will only take the highest stat points.

Ruby: Supported

Appearance: is a short, athletic Hispanic girl.
dark skin, long curly hair that she keeps tied back, proud and determined look with a small scar on her left eyebrow
she wears a female military suit with a jacket with rolled-up sleeves, bulletproof vest, military trousers and boots.
As accessories she has black reinforced gloves and a cap with a visor.

Her Weapon: XAMX 5
is a lightweight carbine with iron sights, a tactical torch and an angled grip.
It is a very weak weapon in damage and accuracy, but has a fast reload and a very fast rate of fire.

Class: Carabine
Shooting Rate: 11
Ammunition Capacity: 22
Damage: low

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