New Hero: Energy

This is my personal hero. Doesn’t matter what star he/she is. I personally love magicians here’s my hero…

Showtime, Mystic, Cloak, or Revealer didn’t know what to call the hero. I really like Showtime though.

A outcast magician made fun of in battle of war, cape and homemade sword has abilities beyond imagination. Position: Rear-Line

Bronze (Ah-Ha): Silences invisibility abilities on characters and for five seconds, randomly attaches invisibility on allies
Silver (Peek-A-Boo) : When bronze has been activated, this hero appears in front of enemy and does head on attack, if not activated appears in front of random enemy blocking enemy attack
Gold (Pick a Card): Does a card trick on field distracting the enemy stunning anyone in that area, as well as doing 1,165 damage
Platinum (Gotcha): Restores all allies at full health when Gold is activated

I may be the only one that like this hero but this was my idea and you guys can have creative drawings on how this hero could look. Capes and hidden magic stick and transforms into sword just immediately comes to mind. Any suggestions


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