New Hero Suggestion: Mist - The Avenging Angel

Faction: UAFA
Type: Mech
Description: Battlefield Avenger
Frontline/Midline Hero
Weapon: Assult Rifle ( HAR-96 )
Low Damage. High Armor. High Health.

Bronze: Undetected! This hero launches a barrage of smoke grenades at the enemy team. Enemy accuracy is reduced by 85% for X seconds. If allied hero is killed, Mist will gain {2000} damage for the rest of the round.

Silver: Chemical Shroud. This hero launches a barrage of chemical gases at the enemy team. Enemy team will take 75% more damage for X seconds.

Gold: Ally Down! This hero gains {25K} health when a allied hero goes down.

Platnium: Avenging Angel. This hero gains {3K} damage when a allied hero goes down.

They sent me in at the Battle of New Ridge Outskirts. My division and I were to infiltrate the KLG lines which occupied a nearby UAF outpost. We had almost reached our objective when the enemy exploded several heronium warheads. By some miracle, I had survived the incident. I watched as the people I had considered to be friends, whom trained with me and fought with me, died around me from the chemical afterwave. Death was pulling me into the abyss when some force yanked me back into reality. I sat in the medbay at a nearby UAF base and was told that I was the only survivor of the ‘battle’. I swore to myself that day, I will avenge my comrades by any means necessary. Sometimes, human decency is what stands between the objective and victory. In reality, it is what holds us back from winning this fight sooner. It won’t hold me back anymore.

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