New Hero Concept: Valerian - Medical Assistance

Element: Mechanic
Position: Rearline

Hp 1/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 5/5

I didn’t even want to wage war, I joined the army just to pay for college.
Healer - Helper - Glass everything
A coward and conscientious objector.
He would not be able to hurt a fly, but on the contrary he prefers to protect his team with powerful skills.

Bronze: Healing Beam - Shoot a healing ray at the target ally by recovering X health per second and briefly strengthening the armor.

  • The hero recovers some health while healing the ally

Silver: Global Shield - builds a spherical barrier around the allied field protecting all allies

  • the shield remains in the field for 30 seconds or until destruction.
  • The shield consumes its health by healing injured allies and rebuilding destroyed covers.
  • 100% protection from weapon and skill damage
  • -10% skill recharge for the hero and allies

Gold: Disinfected tips - the hero can shoot his allies and cure them of any malus in their possession

  • 5% X extra health obtained for each malus removed

Platinum: Help Me! - All enemies that attack the hero, are marked and reduce their armour for 10 seconds.

Appearance: He’s a tall guy, dark haired, green eyes.
He wears glasses, a rather battered medical uniform and a backpack.

His Weapon: The “Medi-gun” is a kind of machine gun loaded with syringes.
It’s not much of a weapon, they’ve forced him to keep it.
Average rate of fire, almost no damage, average reload … practically only serves to reload the skills


shooting rate: 9.00
ammunition capacity: 12
recharge time: 2 seconds
damage: Low


[quote=“CptLappo, post:1, topic:14846”]
I joined the army just to pay for college.
[/quote] Classic.

This Hero is like a blend of Keel and Kobold. Gold skill is pretty cool

I like the Silver concept, in regards to a huge shield.

Like Castellan’s but on roids! That would be awesome, even just visually