New Hero Concept : Atlas

New Hero Concept : Atlas - Human Bullet Sponge

(4 Star)

Element: Energy
Faction: Victims of 0-Day
Position: Frontline
Role: He is the tank of VoD

HP: 8 / 10
Armor 8 / 10
Damage Output: 3.5 / 10
Skills: 9.5 / 10

It was on a mission on Zero Day, my team and i got struck by a Heronium missile while infiltrating the city to stop the attack. Little did they know what would happen to the survivors….and me.

Summary: Named after the Titan of Endurance and Strength, he deserves right for his name.

image has been found here!

Bronze :

“Cover Up”

Destroys his cover, replacing it with a graphene plate

  • The plate has 10X durability
  • As long as the plate is up, this hero receives 35% less more damage

Silver :

“Defensive Stand”

starts regenerating his cover with 5% durability per second for 20 seconds

  • If his cover is at 100% He starts generating a shield for 5% of his max HP every second
  • This shield activates when this hero falls below 50%
  • This hero cannot shoot while charging but receives 50% less damage


“All eyes on me”

Whenever “Cover up” is active. This hero taunts and receives 15% less damage



This hero regenerates (small) HP whenever he is in cover, plus this hero can now place 2 shields

  • whenever an ally stands in one of the shields, they will receive the bonus of “cover up” and “Defensive Stand”


”Tanked Up”

A Tank’s job in any decent team composition is not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your heroes. This hero gains a (small) Elemental Armor bonus and deals an additional damage to cover.

Cooldown times
Bronze: 5% per shot, 2% per second
Silver: 25 seconds
Gold/Platinum: no cooldown

All of the logo’s are screenshots from the game!

SACR Prototype (Semi-Auto Charge Rifle)

Image found at
Weapon Stats

Charges: 6
Damage: Equal to Keel (medium).
Fire rate: 0.75 rounds per second.
Reload time: 2.9 seconds.
Damage to cover: 85.32 per charge.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask anything


The full faction will be released in about a week or so

I really liked the way you formatted this concept! Very cool. :wink: :+1:t2:

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Thanks a lot man, means a lot to hear it from you guys!

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I like this one, especially the bronze skill. We need more heroes who utilize a cover-related ability more, very nice.

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