New meta, Anvil build

This is a new meta which works 9-10 times, even against high level players, its simple to, firstly you need Anvil, he is going to be the one your playing, then have Francoise or any other support you’d like, I prefer her for the shotguns this team has, then take kobold, for the bits of healing needed and the shielding, then have butter to keep the team alive long enough, then Castellan, Because Anvil his dps might not be high enough, what to do, you need to let castellan place down his turrets, which should be enough dps, control anvil and target the enemy you want to kill, because of his effective shield damage he can easily clear the path so the rockets of the turrets can break through, if that doesn’t do the trick, francoise will come in place, if she boosts either castellan, butter or anvil, its over for them, shotguns are way to good if boosted by francoise, I hope you enjoy this lineup and good luck in pvp :wink: Here is an example against this strong kurtz team


I like the idea in concept but what power do you play at? Because reading this the moment you said pilot anvil I’m just thinking how my Shivs or 4-cep would kill him in a matter of seconds, before any skills even get set up

8 star everything, at plat

Also that video you have up there you most likely would have lost if not for the level difference, the only reason Kurtz disoriented you instead of dominated you is because you were a higher level than him, could you get another example? Just curious how this team plays out against other teams comps/ a kurtz ay your level. My roster is too mixed to play this team so can’t test it

Any team with a decent dps is gonna tear that apart one shield at a time

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Have you even tried it?

For me, not even close.

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Do you have some more examples of this team working? For a team to be meta it has to be able to beat other meta teams. From the video provided it showed anvil being rather useless imo, Castellian did the carrying in that team. This is why Castellian is often the first that dies in competitive play with an enemy using a mech dps


As far as i know anvil demolished all of their shields, and left them with nothing

Try Anvil, phalanx, oro, callidus, and bucket.

Let me elaborate, I could drop Kaishi in your team instead of anvil and say ‘look new meta Kaishi!’ cuz he stops skills then castellan kills everything!

It’s simply inaccurate to call it meta because it’s not. By far.


Idk about calling it the new meta. Having few successful wins with Anvil doesn’t really contribute as Meta for me. I’d rather see videos of the fights and wins or data where you used the team and won.


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You guys take this way to seriously XD like I’ve just done something so bad I should be punished

Not really. When someone claims something is a new meta, I need visuals. I need facts that say yes this hero is good and works with x, y and z heroes to really make him a deadly foe. I rarely see Anvil in any PvP match. Like sure he’s good at taking down shields, but he does get taken down quick.

Maybe you need several healers and another heavy shooter. Don’t want it to be just another all healing team and one different hero


Not at all, fair play to you for trying something out, but meta? I think not unless you have data to back it up.

Otherwise it’s nothing more than ‘look, shield killer!’

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3/5 isn’t that bad. But you think it would have been better if everyone was the same level?

Probably harder. My team is slightly skewed with the bars, too, but I had to make due with what I had. Also granted, it was based on the current tourney and not Freeplay. I didn’t want to face bots.

Without castellan in it, would probably be much worse :slight_smile: