New mission type

Just an idea for mission variety devs… Maybe you can add sniping mission that only involving sniper type heroes or infiltration mission that only use small squad and need to kill enemy as silent and fast as possible and maybe any vehicle mission will do great for this game… Thanks for the time devs

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Yeah, silent mission sounds great! Or some missions that we can use only melee attacks.

I see what you did there :joy:

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Hothead has a good relationship with Sniper games after making Kill Shot and Kill Shot Bravo, so we definitely have the people to make some pretty awesome sniping missions! Thanks for the ideas @Henry_Adiputera!


Thanks for the response @Rook i love how you devs appreciate my idea… We need new mission type so hero hunters can be a lively game in the future because now HH is one of my favorite game :smiley:

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