New pvp idea

Hi world. My first post. I just wanted to say love the game. Anyways my idea for a new pvp event would be " weapons battle". I thought of this while reading the description under the “i” icon. Your team consist of all the same weapons. All pistols, all smg,lmg, etc. I know there are only a couple of bow people so this would be a good time to introduce another bow person in a new faction. If by some Hail Mary this does go through I would love if hh named the hero after me.

There’s many variations you can do this

Have a vote what class you like and you can use all the people in the class for free. This gives people who don’t have an Artemis or prophet a chance to try them out and that’s the only one you can use for the event

Another way would be just to divide all your people in appropriate classes,and battle similar powered people( sniper vs pistol, shotgun vs lmg, bow vs etc)

I’m sure with the making of the factions eventually there will be a faction vs faction ( patriots vs klg black ops, shore men vs magistrates,etc). What I proposed would be similar. I’m sure someone out there can add to this or make it better. Please chime in hh world

Also just to add there might be power ups just to make some stats even
Ex. Snipers get 2x/3x health or lmg gets .6x reload rate. Etc

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the Devs are planning to have an event similar to this, where you can only use heroes that have a specific type of weapon, such as “Sniper Wars” where only heroes with snipers can be used.

This would probably be more do-able when more heroes are introduced to the game. Kinda of difficult when limited to only 58 heroes in the game.

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