New PVP Map Bug

The bug:

On most of the new pvp maps one side gets their skills pre-charged. This is obviously an incredible advantage for one team, and leads to almost immediate victory in the current 3v3 matches.

If this is intended, please verify that both teams are getting their skills pre-charged, or if it is a bug, please fix asap.

I surprised this hasn’t been brought up before, or if it has I must have missed it.



Bugs can’t be fix on the Forums. Support is we’re bugs should reported! :wink:

It hasn’t been brought up here before because bug reports are sent to player support. Take a look at the forum rules! Thanks for the report, either way.

Answer from support seemed pretty generic. Glad it’s being looked into!


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We regularly use pre-written responses for common situations to save time, so that we can respond within 24 hours. Otherwise, support might not be able to get to you for weeks. I wouldn’t take it personally, but it’s your call.

I wanted a non-generic response to acknowledge the issue, which you provided. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, because the new pvp maps would be fun otherwise.


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