Gamebreaking bug on Sewer PvP map

I know bugs are supposed to be reported to Support system in game. But I really wanna bring some attention to this one, because I think it’s too important for a ticket that may take a few days and which answer may be a simple “we will look over it”.

On the sewer map, one team has a MASSIVE advantage, because their heroes start with skills almost loaded, while the other team starts with skills at 0% (like it’s the norm in PvP) I have never noticed this before, so it may have been introduced this patch (or I could have been oblivious)

These two screen shots are taken from the same match, at the very same moment. But the initial skill charge on the Dogfaces skills is different (and not by a mere 5%).

This happens consistently, and only on this map. The benefited team changes, but I haven’t been able to know how. Also the whole team has their skills charged, so Phalanx can use her energy ball (one of the slowest charging skills) before even Gale can heal (one of the fastest skills)

I just hope this is not another instance of Oracle’s bug where this map will be allowed to break PvP for a whole month. If fixing this bug is hard, which I completely understand, at least take it out of rotation until it’s fixed, please.

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Wait what? :open_mouth:

Thanks for the report. Our team is already working on a fix and we will be investigating how this issue made it through to release.

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