POSSIBLE BUG: Skills not charging

This happened to me in both gauntlet and coop raid mode on three different heroes.

Savage: bronze skill was not charging at all
Gammond: bronze skill was charging erratically
Oro: bronze skill did not charge at all for one whole raid but worked fine in others

Seems to be a bronze skill only thing but happens across multiple game modes. Thankfully, this has not happened to me in pvp cuz that would suck.

It is happening with prophet as well. It’s been an issue with pvp. Some skills are recharging extra fast and others arent recharging at all.

Not sure if this is the proper place to put this so of not let m know please, but when I try and get free gold by downloading other games and meeting requirements it isn’t allowing me to collect the gold. Maybe I’m not doing something correctly. Some assistance would be awesome.

I actually have a video of this situation.
There are some bugs, after the new version released.

We deployed a patch yesterday which fixed this issue. If you still experience it please update us here!

It seems like this is still an issue. We will work on it again.

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