New tactic to remain competitive in war?

I know this has already been mentioned before but this has become increasingly obvious in this war. Just look at the current top 5 teams. Last war, it was only MXWAR spoiling the market. Now 4 of the top 5 teams are deliberately playing with only ~20 members just to get matched with teams with weaker defenses. Easy opponents, less people to manage, are we going to see more teams with fewer and fewer members?
Kudos to SOD for playing this fair and square.

Kindly look into this. We dont need to see sandbagging in yet another gamemode.


Agreed sandbagging has ruined pvp for mid lvl players and now it’s hurting aw

As you can see in the picture, they have closed their alliance, and they are 19 members, please developers, take action on the matter. or put a penalty. we’re tired of that alliance doing that.

Please review the FAQ. No witchhunting. Reports like this should be submitted through support.