Power algorithm

Did they just completely scrub the pvp algorithm lately? Because I’m getting paired up with crazy min maxers again. I’m talking 10 star 4 bar platinum dogface or Panzer and all the rest plain platinum. While I’m running 7-8 star platinum and maybe a 1 bar plat character. Not complaining, just wondering if you all are getting the same.

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Just now. This is as bad as when you would get matched with a bot with the exact same team as you. Guess it’s my cue to do something else than pvp.

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I’m playing this game for 280 days.
matchmaking and sandbagging problem never been worse than now.

They are aware of the problem, sure they are working on it but it ain’t getting better in anyways.

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An easy way to fix sandbagging would be to match teams to the top hero’s power. This would force people to really think about their team’s power difference.