New video: Min review and mega evolve

Hey everyone! As requested and something I was excited to do, have released a new video where I take Min from basic to 9* platinum and also review her skills, usage and give some general PvP tips.

Hope you enjoy!

Click here to watch Min Mega Evolve and Review video


Thanks man I look forward to hearing what you have to say about her. What did you think of Bounties and the crazy change they did?

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Cheers man! Well there’s already a whole bunch of feedback on bounties already - I have nothing new really but I can see pros to the new format if it was tweaked. I think the biggest issue was just around communication (or lack of) leading up to it. So let’s see what happens next round with all the community feedback! I’m sure the call was heard loud and clear.

Good luck with Min!

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The developers reviewed that Anvil is the next character and he is a member of KLG do you mind doing a video on them to see if any are really worth it or not. I love your videos they help out a lot thank you.

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Awesome I’ll think about that for sure - I’m trying to check if it’s going to be all Kurtz Characters or two factions or just the actual KLG. Great idea!