New video: Magistrate Heroes - Original 6

Hey everyone. I’ve done a video reviewing the original 6 Magistrate faction heroes. I’ve looked at how good they are at PvP and bounties, and suggested whether or not to invest in them this month. Hope you find it useful!

Let me know what other videos you would like me to do in the future. Thanks to @jlm9912 for suggesting this one!

Click here to see the Original 6 Magistrates video

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Gracias por tu colaboración amigo, me encantan tus videos aunque no hablo inglés :slight_smile:

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Gracias amigo! Thank you for watching.

Thank you so much for the video it was extremely helpful and it defiantly is going to help me make a decision about who to invest in. I don’t have Galante so I am not even worried about him. Even all his buffs this time from the patch I hear he is still useless. I just got Salvatore and Min from the PVP Min Crate when you get her could you please do a Video on her and what you think of her. I don’t think Brogan is available right now. I think Min is OP in PVP but her skills need timing to be effective. Thanks for the little shout out. See you in the game.

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Don’t say Min is OP.
People playing this game either don’t know the meaning of OP or is simply misusing it.

Min is totally fine.

I will definitely do a video about her when I get her! Going to advance her pretty quickly so I should have a good idea of how her skills do.