!new years!

Hey everyone, what was the best part of your new years?

2020 was rough. Let’s all start this year off better than we ever have.

Leeettts get it 2021


Not sure if this belongs under the ‘community gallery’ categorie. To answer your question, i have had the time to build an entire new lifestyle, which i’m very happy with

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I honestly didn’t know what else to put it under.

I got cyphon to platinum on new years. I was pretty happy :joy:

And that’s awesome. I’m glad man.

I got to meet a beautiful woman who hopefully becomes mine :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I made it out alive to 2021.


Been a rough year for many, I am happy I am fortunate enough my company thrived during the pandemic lockdowns and I can still put food on the table for my family and my employees familes. Shout out to HHG for also adapting work from home and keeping the Hero Hunters dev family going when so many game companies have wronged their employees, here’s hoping Nikon is doing well at Square Enix as well!


Gale, I’m happy that you were that fortunate. God bless!

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