No Elemental Bonuses?

I’m not seeing any elemental bonuses or weaknesses in my Free Play PVP matches over the past few days.

I.e. I’m not seeing any green “up” arrows over heroes against whom I should have a bonus, and red down arrows for the opposite. Also overhead damage numbers are not indicating any elemental damage.

Is anyone else experiencing this in Free Play? I have not seen any mentions of this in game or on the forums so I wonder if this is a bug?

Could you please contact customer support through the game if you haven’t yet already done so. I’m currently seeing the elemental advantage indicators. We should look into why you aren’t seeing them. Please also supply screenshots!

@Huginn It looks like the elemental advantages and disadvantages are working, but the color change is not.

My DogFace hits this guys Gammond for 26344 damage, but hits the Mandrake for 17539. However, the damage is shown in white text rather than green or red.

Thanks for the reply Huggin. Everything is back to normal now but for a few days it was just as Poobgloob showed in his screenshots. I assume things probably were working correctly and just the interface was bugged for a bit.