Bounties not taking elemental damage?

I remember last bounty that the bronze of my 9* gold sentry was doing 220k+ damage to green bounties, but now it only does only 125k even if the damage is green. I also noticed that the difference between the normal attacks on the bounty and the mobs have only a very small difference, sometimes the damage to mobs is greater. IIRC during the last bounty it shouldbe almost double.

Have you taken the bounties levels into consideration? I see several bounties at level 95 (!!!) which means they have considerably more armor than anyone has ever seen in the history of HH. I am not sure how armor is calculated in the game though.

Yeah. I’m hunting the same level bounties lvl65. On the previous bounties I know that I do the same damage to lvl 40 to lvl 65 bounties. The higher level bounties difficulty come from their higher DPS and HP of the mobs, damage TO them remained the same.

I think elemental damage just got reduced in general. Sapphyr, for example, used to have a lot more elemental than normal damage, if I recall correctly. Now they are almost equal (still has more elemental)

Seems like it. In city hall, I used to do 220k to francois at lvl60 9* sentry with his bronze, now the bronze is lvl 67 it only hits 173k. Seems like it was reduced a ton…

Yeah they reworked a lot of people’s stats offensive and defensive imo they screwed some things up making characters that were viable not even worth it anymore

Well my elemental damage skills are also off or the elemental damage is completely reduced, I see a skill that should do 10k elemental damage and once it hits it’s 11k, another skill that should do 16k each hit just gives a 23k damage total.

So what happened to the damage?

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Aimed shot shows 116,417 blue damage. This should nearly double on a green target right? I don’t believe armor would reduce a possible 232k to 125k. Something is definitely bugged.

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