Elemtal Wars Question

Hi everyone! First time poster here…

Does anyone make any changes to their PvP lineup during elemental wars or do you generally keep them the same?

I’d like to think energy heroes have a bit more playability because dog/panzer can’t mow them down as fast?

Interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

For my a team I use the same, but I switch around using my low hero’s

Elemental wars are great, you can try all kinds of different builds…

I’ve been testing out the likes of Oro/Moss/Ronin/Sentry who never really get a look in, normal PvP purely cause of this stupid f… Panzer game breaker…

Well, I used almost the same component two tanks razorback-gold-mandreke-calliduis two middle lines sapyr-fortress-clyde -until the ryker gg and a sniper naghtingale-caine-halo-moss in the end the elemental wars are great to play with all the characters and not see the same in the jcj panzzer dogface or iffrit and his combo … pffff as bored those who only use 4 healers and dps …

I’m back at low teir, quicker fights not the same 5 hero’s everytime.

Glad I had some low 5* gold hero’s and my op silver 7* panzer

I generally try and use as many different characters as possible to try different teams. You don’t have the elemental damage bonus, but that is ok because you can experiment and see what teams work. I tend to run with two healers usually Heimlock/Gale and two Mechs like Beck/Matador and Butter for his shield.

I got 1st place in the Elemental Wars because I changed my entire PVP strategy based on the following analysis:

Bio DPS was nerfed, bio was only useful for support (faster skills).

Mech was also nerfed. 20% lower Fire Rate means bronze skills charge slower and the low crit rate and low crit damage in this game means 2x crit chance is a tiny DPS boost relative to the big loss from lower Fire Rate. Panzer escaped most of the damage nerf since her accuracy benefits from slower shooter, I already tap for my Panzer’s gun so she felt as strong as always.

Meanwhile energy got a huge buff. -20% max HP but 50% more damage. The loss of HP barely mattered against mech and bio because they both effectively had -20% damage. +50% damage was huge of course and with the right heroes you would be an absolute juggernaut.

I liked this brawl a LOT because they actually added downsides while increasing upsides so each element type felt more distinct. Previous elemental wars felt like a joke because the bonuses were so small that you would almost never want to change your best lineup. This completely changed the meta for me and I was able to re-orient my team from a heal-heavy lineup into an almost pure DPS composition. Almost all my wins were under 30 seconds and many were 15 seconds.

Fortunately for me, most people just treated this like previous Elemental Wars and brought their standard lineup. I saw countless setups with 1 plat Dogface or Panzer for DPS and 4 healers to protect them - and my teams would just shred them. It was kind of ridiculous that I saw more plat Mavens (which is an awful choice, -20% bio dps and the boost to her skill recharge is pointless since her bronze/silver are terrible in PVP) than Fortresses or Sentries.

You can see one of my typical teams on the top of the leaderboard. It was typically Panzer + 2-3 energy dps + 1-2 support like Mandrake or Nightingale just to offer protection against early focus fire. I put a lot of thought into which energy DPS to use and you can see my Best 3, but the emphasis was obviously on heroes who don’t rely on skills for damage. By shifting my strategy I was able to rack up tons of quick wins, which was how I managed to secure a huge lead despite only having a team of silvers/golds at around 35k power - this was also nice because I racked up ~450 wins in just 5 hours which gave me lots of gold/frags/gems.


You see Sogui… you are an intelligent player, no doubt about that. You understand the game and are probably one of the few players that know what’s going on in good detail about the game. I appreciate your input alot. I don’t necessarily agree with you on everything.

But I can tell you this right now, you’re gonna continue to receive hate and criticism, even if the points you make are legit - because you’re a known min-maxer who deliberately uses levels and/or promotions for certain heroes in order to be able to play (and win) in a lower power bracket.

So no one knows whether you’re really that good, or whether you’re able to rack up so many wins because you are downscaling your teams.

It’s like what (I think maybe Kraterios) said before, it’s fine if you like to win amateur high school basketball because you are a head taller than everyone else… but people will always have questions about whether you’re really the next Michael Jordan or just another promising kid… and no one can answer that except yourself by proving that you are at NBA level. Only you can prove that all your theories, experience and wins gained at 35k can and do translate at 50K+.

At the end of the day, you have a decision to make… you can continue to rack up your 99.9% wins… (but those don’t mean squat, it just tells us that you’re great at 35k) or you can level and promote your heroes normally just like everyone else does.

If you continue that’s fine, it really is, but it tells us that all you wanna do is protect your farm. The appropriate weight will then be accorded to your opinions. Then when you make statements for game balancing, etc, all those will be taken with a heavy pinch of salt because… at the end of the day all you wanna do is protect your farm.

On the other hand, you can level up your heroes and plat them and whatnot… and let’s see how you fare. 99.9% wins? Let’s go. I’m on your side and I wanna see what happens in this scenario - I’m hoping you’ll come up on top.

And I look at it from this viewpoint… a player of your calibre and knowledge… don’t gimp yourself by playing at 35k, bud.



@Sing, perfectly worded!

I have some perfect min max teams, just not the time to play them lately, I finished around 3-4000~

But I won 95% of the matches I played though with 0 effort, maybe 20 or 70 fights this tournament? Maybe less, who knows haha.

Also with the bounty coming up I don’t want to waste my time min maxing PvP, I have other stuff to attend to that’s more important (addressed to the 4+ account players who want to own lvl 15, amazing job though!!!, I can’t find the time for that)

I’d rather upgrade some hero’s I’d like to have some fun with in a raid or idunno something else but I want him plat because I can, micromanaging this game isn’t worth my time, work, school, family or actual fun are more important.

I have to say I know sogui uses a perfect analysis of this game, but if that means using 10* silver hero’s combined with 5* platinum with 7* bronze and a random 1-10* bronze, silver, gold or platinum, it’s the game who’s making a mistake.

If data mining this goes this far, why bother upgrading hero’s? We all should just stop right now, or create a 4th account, I know he made some decent points, and somehow I’m actually the number 2 person who liked his posts the most, but do we want to let this game go down the drain like this?

Resulting in everyone just getting a few “op data minded” bronze 10* hero’s to rule the scoring board?

No actual player who upgraded his “insert hero name” to a 10* silver by accident to lose that chance?

No, I guess not.

I’ll stop attacking sogui cause my comments towards him go nowhere, he doesn’t respond to me anyway, so I’ve spoken my opinion, this is it.

Feel free to comment, or contradict me, I like a good discussion.
(also sogui I will respond in a decent manner if you want this as a last chance to discuss this, please also respect how I will answer to some certain statement made by you, you know my opinion, don’t force me. If you want this last attempt to discuss this with me, let’s try. I’ll keep it on topic and clean, if you lure me out to force me, this is the last sentence directed towards you)

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I’ve been playing just over 3 months playing and spent less than $100. My advice is for other people like me who can’t just suddenly jump to 10* plat on their entire pvp team.

Also I’ve made it clear in several posts that I don’t think there is any competitive PVP plat skill right now. All plats are either useless power bloat or useful but attached to an otherwise bad hero (Halo, Ifrit, Maven). I focus my plats on bounties, I’ve been able to help push my alliance into the top 50 because I mostly plat for bounties, not PVP epeen contests. Naturally I’m not going to grab a bunch of terrible plats just to satisfy egos.

Furthermore I’ve always been 100% honest and candid about my balance assessments. People who assume I’m only helping myself are just being dishonest and petty. I’ve used panzer to rack up over 10,000 wins and yet I was the first, and remain one of the most active panzer critics and still believe she needs a nerf. I’m tired of using the same heroes and would love to move on, which is why I enjoyed this brawl so much.

I’m not sure what prompted the commentary though, even if I could just rocket my pvp team to 50k it would only destroy my ability to provide relevant advice. The last thing the forums need is another 500k player saying ‘Gammond sucks, Panzer is balanced, Wesson is good’ just because that’s apparently the truth for .001% of the playerbase who actually fights at that level.


Gammon sucks, Panzer is balanced & Wesson is good.

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