Slight change to Flatline

how about giving the option to revive the fallen heroes only ONCE per game. or at least have a longer cooldown on the same hero that was just brought back to life. PvP has become a huge burden when she is present. tired of killing the same hero 3 times cause she is there

How about killing her? She is squishy as hell.


Hard to kill her when the other team members she has are either tanks or more healers.

with fast heal by nightingale, bonus health by heimlock, it’s hell.

Dogface, Panzer both kill her before the first heal kicks in. Every other mech damage dealer is only a bit slower. You can block her skill and it takes forever to charge. I’m always happy to see her on the opponent side, because she is a hero I don’t have to care about.

I use Flatline in my main-team now just because she’s gonna get gunned-down first and it doesn’t really matter if she’s dead or not. She’s basically a shield for my 4 proper heroes. While the enemy Panzer shoots down Flatline my gang of 4 can focus on getting their skills charged up and wreck the place.

Flatline is one of the squishiest healers in the game. Not only that, her element is energy so she is even more susceptible to Dog and Panzer DPS. She usually is dead within the first 5-10 seconds of a match, and then with the Ifrit nerf gets killed nearly instantly when she pops back up.

I have noticed people using her less and less lately. Her taser stun is good, and her revive is great, but you don’t let her use these when you focus her down right away. Instead I am seeing a lot more Ifrit/Night/Panzer teams that use Caine, Mandrake, or Heimlock in Flatline’s place. They can heal better, provide better support, and don’t die nearly as quick.

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