Not getting video rewards on Android

Please fix this issue. The FIRST time I watch the Daily Quest video for gold, it takes me right back to the Daily Quests page, and receive NO gold. When I click on the video link again on the Daily Quests page, I watch a video, get 2 gold, but do NOT get the option to watch the 2nd video again for 3 gold. This has happened to me the past 4 days. I end up watching 2 videos to get 2 gold. The same thing applies to Stamina in the Daily quests. My device is a Pixel 2 XL.

Try the Back button on your phone instead of the X in the corner when the video is done, works for me!

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We are working with the Ad provider to correct this issue.


Thanks, but i’ve tried both, as well as pressing the back button if I get taken to the Google Play store, to no avail.

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